Who Are We?

SRL Canada is a consortium of researchers who actively collaborate with educators, schools, and learners to improve learning, collaboration, and student engagement. Together we have been engaged with applied classroom research about SRL for over 20 years, frequently in collaboration with educational partners. Our research demonstrates that self-regulated learning (SRL) is critical to success, and that learners from early childhood through adulthood can learn to regulate their learning.


Dr. Allyson Hadwin
(University of Victoria) Promoting SRL in solo & collaborative work; technologies for SRL; learning-to-learn for school & life
Email: hadwin@uvic.ca
: hadwintielab
Twitter: @AllysonHadwin
Website: allysonhadwin.wordpress.com  
Dr. Nancy Perry
(University of British Columbia) SRL in young school children; Classroom contexts for SRL; struggling youth
Email: Nancy.perry@ubc.ca
Website: http://ecps.educ.ubc.ca/hdlc/nancy-perry-phd
Dr. Deborah Butler
(University of British Columbia) SRL in reading, writing, & mathematics; collaborative professional development for SRL
Email: Deborah.butler@ubc.ca
Website: http://ecps.educ.ubc.ca/hdlc/sped/faculty/deborah-l-butler-phd
  Dr. Phil Winne  (Simon Fraser University) Technologies & feedback for promoting SRL; researching one’s own learning; assessing SRL
Email: winne@sfu.ca
Skype: philwinne
Website: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/profiles/?page_id=285/ and http://researchineducation.ca/users/phil-winne
Dr. Leyton Schnellert
(University of British Columbia Okanagan) Teacher professional development and SRL; supportive classroom environments  for SRL
Email: Leyton.schnellert@ubc.ca
Website: http://www.ubc.ca/okanagan/education/faculty/LSchnellert.html
Dr. Dawn Buzza
(Wilfrid Laurier University) Learning to learn; SRL support in early high school; teacher-researcher collaborations for SRL
Email: dbuzza@wlu.ca
Website: http://www.wlu.ca/homepage.php?grp_id=2258&f_id=1867
Dr. Sylvie Cartier  
(Université de Montréal) autorégulation de l’apprentissage lors d’apprentissage par la lecture (APL); développement professionnel collaboratif sur l’APL; autorégulation de l’apprentissage dans les écoles en milieu défavorisé (SRL in learning through reading (LTR); collaborative professional development for LTR; SRL in disadvantaged schools)
Email: Sylvie.cartier@umontreal.ca



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